PT. Mario Teknikatama

Experience is our benefit


We have been delivered our services more than 10 years to our customers throughout our area in Middle Sulawesi. Our resources of heavy equipment and man power is the key to accomplish every projects that we have worked before.We also always maintain good relationship to our new and existing customer as we assume that good cooperation between us and our customers is the main factor for our mutual satisfaction as completion of the projects.

Healthy and Safety Environment have always been our main priority

It’s always been our pride to have contributed to the project of building the LNG facility in Banggai district. (Senoro and Matindok). We had been chosen as the supporting contractor to this project. This LNG facility is one of the biggest in Indonesia. Until now, we still working in supporting continuing development for DSLNG project

It is our duty to implement safety and healthy environment for our workers and to the local people. Certain rule and policy must always be followed to achieve this condition. Our management and staff take full responsibility to the local people and government of our operation that the condition of nature and environment remain safe and intact.